Bellingham eBike Tours

We rent our bikes and have self-guided tours set up for you to follow.

These step – by – step directions and info will help you safely explore Bellingham using the most bike-friendly and scenic routes. We are always working to develop the most useful and exciting places for guests to visit when they are here.

Recommended Tours:

Waterfront tour (2-4 hours) This tour starts in historic Cornwall park and then follows the water along the harbor. We learn about some of Bellingham’s history and current development as we cruise through downtown and out to Fairhaven. On our return, we will explore South Hill and other parts of the historic downtown area.


Parks and Trails Tour: (2-4 hours) Tour some of the best parks in Bellingham and hidden places that not even some locals know about. Explore the fabulous trail systems as we tour through time on the old 19th century railroad routes that were the start of Bellingham.


We also offer seasonal garden tours that feature some of the beautiful gardens in the area, both private and public. These are scheduled ahead of time for public and private groups.


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