Sun-E-Land Bikes featured on Redfin – Best things to do in Bellingham

In Redfin’s most recent blog, Sun-E-Land Bikes was featured as one of the best activities to do while in Bellingham. We couldn’t agree more. While there are many amazing things to do in Bellingham year-round, experiencing Bellingham on a bike or e-bike tops the chart. With our ideal location on the waterfront, Sun-E-Land Bikes shop is located on the bike pump-track and starting point of miles of trails.

Located within The Portal, Bellingham’s Shipping Container Village, Sun-E-Land Bikes offers bike rentals for local riding as well as e-bike rentals for people wanting to explore Bellingham on two wheels. Bellingham has one of the best trail systems in the United States and our city works hard to promote cycling as a safe and efficient mode of transportation.

A visit to The Portal is a must do for all visitors to Bellingham. The Port of Bellingham continues to add attractions to the site which hosts festivals, live music, restaurants, food trucks, a beer garden and wine bars as well as family favorites of mini-golf and ice cream. In the midst of all this, there is a enormous pump-track for bikers to ride. The track features various terrain for all ages and skill levels as well as bikes to rent at our shop for visitors from out-of-town. We have to give a huge thanks to the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition for all work they do to promote biking in the PNW.

We hope to see you on your next visit to Bellingham, WA.

Sun-E-Land Bike Family

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