How Sun-E-Land Electric Bikes can benefit your Resort

People go to resorts because everything is provided. All of the food, lodging, drinks and service are prepared on-site for your guests. But people don’t want to have to bring everything to the resort, including E-bikes. Part of your business is attracting guests by providing things to do, places nearby, activities and entertainment. E-bikes check all of those boxes.

Having a small fleet of E-bikes at your location will attract more visitors to your resort. For each rental, you will be making money or paying off the costs of the fleet. Or if you choose to structure free E-bike rentals into your business plan, it is an additional activity for guests to do. It can also be factored into the cost of their booking or possibly an additional cost to the accommodation. 

We can offer deals on Sun-E-Land Bikes purchased in bulk of $1700 for 2 E-bikes, $4200 for 5 E-bikes, or $8000 for 10 Sun-E-Land Bikes. Our product comes with a 1 year warranty on the motor, electronics and bike frame. We provide online or in-person tutorials how to safely ride and operate Sun-E-Land Bikes. We also offer regular servicing of Sun-E-Land Bikes to all resorts that purchase our product. Servicing can be weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis. 

If you choose not to purchase a fleet, an additional option to attract guests is to let them know that Sun-E-Land Bikes rents and delivers E-bikes to your location. Guests may want the option to rent E-bikes at your resort. If you choose not to provide this service, you can assure them that E-bikes are still an option.  

We are a newly established local business that serves Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties.

Our stock is limited and we are accepting pre-orders now. 

Please let us know if you are wanting to order for 2022 or would like more information about rental option for your resort.

Thank you for your consideration,

Matthew Holmes

General Manager


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